Memorial Websites Are Your Tribute

Yes, a Memorial Website provided by Infinity Memories will be a lasting tribute to your departed loved one for years, perhaps generations, even hundreds of years into the future!

That may sound a bit far fetched… But is it? With all that is available to us in this day and age from a technical standpoint, it is now a reality that the Memorial Website you create today can and will last into perpetuity.

But why? Why is this important? What are the advantages to a service such as this… It’s simple really: Having a Memorial Website gives you the ability to provide, not only a tribute, but also a single consolidated area where you and other family members can visit and post images, YouTube videos, stories, comments, genetic family facts, and all kinds of memorabilia that over time will amount to a living testament to you and your family’s history and origins.

What better way to provide a tribute and at the same time allow future generations access to your Memorial indefinitely? And, with the addition of a QR Code that you keep on a mantle, in your wallet, or attached to a headstone, any smart phone or portable device with QR Code reader can not only easily decode the website’s URL and store that data, but also provide immediate access to your Memorial Website.

Infinity Memories offers 3 Memorial Website and QR Code packages.

Want to see it in action? Take the QR Code below for example; it stores the link information to a memorial website:

Al Tiedje QR Code

Al Tiedje QR Code

Simply scan this with your phone’s QR Code reader to be shown the link to the Memorial Website. Otherwise, just click the QR Code and you will be directed to the sample site immediately.

Imagine building a Memorial Website for your loved ones and then adding our permanent marble QR Code at the grave site… Future generation for years to come could be able to access the site and all its valuable historic family meaning. You and your loved ones could be connecting long lost distant relatives, informing youth of their roots, and uniting the past with the present long after we have all had our moment on earth!

With all the interest in family trees and family origins in this day and age, what better tribute could you offer to your family? And the generations to come after you?

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